• Atheism.
    • Linda Joy
      You are Beaker! I knew it! Lol
    • Beaker Five-O
      I'm definitely not him !! He has a monster cock, whilst I have a neat, trim foo-foo.
    • Linda Joy
      You are Beaker and you don't have a vagina!
  • people
  • air conditioners.
  • The wheel. Almost everything uses a wheel in one form or another.
  • alternating current and the electric motor!
    • OC Joe
      Do you recall that Thomas Edison fought like crazy against using alternating current as a general source of electrical power. He was wrong and Tesla was correct in promoted alternating current.
  • wow wow! Finally, an easy answer! The greatest invention that has ever been made? The written word. It absolutely blows my mind that a series of marks on paper or concrete or Papyrus or whatever can create in the viewer a series of emotions, or learning, or knowledge, or the transference to places far away. It is hard to imagine that just a few scratches on wood pulp can convey the knowledge of a generation, or a lifetime, that entire worlds can be created with nothing more than black on white or white and black. an entire individuals knowledge and life can be transcribed to allow a totally different person half way across this rock to read it, experience it, and understand it. This, by far, beats things such as Pizza and the wheel. Oh, okay, maybe not by much... Sorry for the run on sentences and misspellings. This is dictated voice to text
  • S'mores.
  • Semiconductors.
  • The Zero. It forms the basis of the modern world.
  • Butt-Hole Covers for Pets. Seriously. Who wants to have Fido's brown-eye winking at you all the time?
  • I'm going with indoor plumbing.
  • I couldn’t pick just one thing.

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