• 1 1/2 amps is way too high. The norm for these cars is about 30 milliamps. The only way to tell is to use a multimeter connected in series on the battery negative cable. When you see the reading, say 1.5 amps, pull the vehicles fuses one at a time untill the reading on the meter drops to an acceptable level, say 20-35 ma. Once you have determined the fuse that drops the reading, get a schematic of that fuse and start eliminating the "legs" of the circuit. It can be a tedious process, but is necessary. I have found that the body control modules on these cars are the problem 70% of the time.
  • 02 Impala 3.8 - just starting having the prob w/ battery dying -I thought it had to do w/ passlock, key, ign, fob etc. I remb seeing the security light flash but did not think anything of it because it did it in the past & never had an issue. The second time it died I brought it to a local mechanic-they could not find the problem but checked to see if something was draining it-nothing that could be pinpointed-they did not charge me either suggest you check out

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