• thats a bit of a general question - some are nice and some are not. but I couldn't eat a whole one. (sorry I just couldn't resist)
  • I like older ones very much. I like their stories and their experiences and just spending time with them. I guess I've been privileged to be around many that were wonderful people and not many of the crabby, grumpy variety or maybe I just didn't see them that way. I feel that they have great insights into what was and what is happening now and what the future might hold. plus they are just very interesting and not as boring or shallow as many more 'sheltered' people of today are. They seem more multi-dimensional that many younger people, and I love layers in people. They've also had more time to develop those layers.
  • Yes, very much.
  • At what age, do you consider a person to be old? I love being associated with the elderly. for the most part, most are very alive and sharp as a tack. I am amazed at their memory retention. Older people are on the downside of their life. We all will be there one day. Think about it.
  • Oh yes! Older people have had more time to learn from their mistakes, gain experience, and see what life is all about. I love to hear stories about how things used to be.
  • &quot;Old" is relative depending on your age at the time. If you are 16, 30 is old. If you are 30, 60 is old, etc. I personally love those older; you can learn a tremendous amount about life from talking with them...and when they get cranky at the littlest things, it just cracks me up. <shrugs> don't know why. :)
  • To many I am an old person, but there are many older than I. I like everyone young and old. I do not always understand them and sometimes I find their ways a world apart from what I myself have come to believe but that is what makes life so interesting. There are both good and bad people at all ages, so I feel it would be wrong to like or dislike someone based solely on age.
  • I am old people.
  • yes they are wise. do not regret getting older it is a privelage denied to many.
  • Define old 1st .
  • They smell funny.
  • Since I'm on my way to being one, I'm working on it. ; )
  • yes, but old people tend not to like me.
  • Yes, I do. They've got so much to offer experience wise! They've got some great stories if you take time to listen to them.
  • i love my grandparents so does that count.
  • Well sure! Our elders should be respected, not pushed to the side. They obviously learned how to do what we all are striving to do- live for as long as possible. They have seen lots of things, and have lots of cool stories. Why shouldn't we respect and honor them instead of yelling at them for being slow and pushing them out of the way? :( I'm so sad for the way we treat our elders.
  • Many of todays youth act as they don t like the older people. I believe this is because they are different from each other. the youth and the older are 2 generations apart, this causes a lack of understanding between them. many youths won t take the time to understand, or listen or "hera" what others are saying, let alone an elderly person. I don t think its that they don t like then, I think they are a bit afraid because of the differences. thats just my oppinion .)

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