• I have had quite a few of those over the years and tend to keep people at arms lenghth till i really get to know them as a true friend.
  • Yes. I've had many, many , Aquaintances over the years. They come & go !! The truth is that if you have maybe One or Two TRUE friends in your lifetime, you're very lucky. I married one ( My Wife ) , and I have one more true friend, a buddy of mine that I've been best friends with since first grade, (1970). We find out who our REAL friends are when the chips are down, and things/times get tough.
  • Yes I have on more than one occasion. I'm confident we all have experienced this phenomenon.
  • this will happen a lot until you trust your instincts and grow older
  • Yeah and they are called "users"...they get what they want from you and move on....I call them "losers".
  • Friendship is a matter of perspective. Some people can give everything they have and that doesn't measure much. People define friendship differently. I've been dissapointed, but my standards are high. Since Vietnam I haven't been able to find friends that would go through anything for you.
  • Yes. They only called when they needed or wanted something out of me. Now that my phone number doesn't work, it's been a delight not to hear from them. I do not use the term "friend" very loosely. I have many that I am acquainted with but only a handful of people who I would consider to even resemble a friend.
  • I've had more than my share of them. When the chips are down, they're not there for you.
  • Yes, I throw sardines at them.
  • No it hasn't happened with friends, but it has with employees who I thought I could trust. I still trust people until they prove that they cant be trusted. i can't go around suspicious of everyone. Most people are okay, trustworthy, and worth taking into your life.
  • Absolutely! One of my 3 best friends the whole time I was growing up betrayed me many times as we became adults and shortly thereafter. I knew he was jealous of me but boy did he really fool me big time! I should have listened to my Mom. She told me that he wasn't really a good friend. I've made many true friends since then though.
  • Yes, I have, there are a lot of fraudulent people out there. Some it seems, have a bit of sadistic motivation, they get some glee in deceiving others. It's called duping delight. Some really warped nutters out there. Watch yourselves. :0)
  • Yes. Turns out they were only interested in getting into my pants.
  • Ive not been used by any friends but this has happened because we grow apart because of this or that but most of my friends still hang around with me here or there ^.^
  • I have had really close friends watch me get jumped. i also had friends date guys only after I mentioned I had a crush on them. All in all, I've realized your friends may not always really be a friend.
  • No. I tend not to regard people as friends very quickly, and at least so far, I've turned out to be a pretty good judge of character. There are many people with whom I am friendly who I still do not regard as friends. For me to regard them as a friend, I'd have to be willing to go out of my way to spend time with them, even if they moved or we stopped seeing one another incidentally in life or through others. Friend for me is a long term thing. Otherwise you're only a friendly acquaintance.
  • Yes, I thought I had some very close friends before and found out they were not friends at all. We just live and learn I guess.
  • Yes. I learned a lot from the experience.
  • I have had people who I thought were my friends that turned out not to be real people. You know what I mean?
  • I had a friend in high school who assumed I took something from her. I didn't take the item, but it broke up our friendship nonetheless. What I beleive is that she was jealous that her parents really loved me and she had a hard time with that. I was heartbroken over this, because at that point I never understood why.
  • it feels as if you have just described the recent events that happened in my life. I know EXACTLY how that feels. it hurts you so terribly bad inside and you are never ever the same, really, but it seems as if nobody cares.
  • Yes. I borrowed books from the library because she has hit the maximum amount of books she can borrow and she didn't bother to return the books on time nor did she bother to pay the fines for me. I was delighted when she suddenly started emailing and MSN-ing me regularly. A week later she finally revealed her agenda. She wanted free accomodation for herself and her boyfriend when they planned to holiday where I was. When I am back for a home visit, she'd only arrange a meetup around her schedule. My yardstick is if the "friend" does things to me that I wouldn't do to my friends that I truly care about, she's not a friend.

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