• Prostitution
  • Photocopier.
  • Well in the UK you are old enough to get a paper round if that what you want, or try odd jobs for friends and neighbours, wash cars, tend gardens that sort of thing.
  • paper route, caddying is excellent $50 a bag for 18 holes. law care. how old are you?
  • cut someone's lawn or babysitting.
  • By getting a job. Depending on your age and where you live there are various ways of earning. A paper round is usually an option for teens, you should contact your local newsagent and/or paper to learn about opportunities if you're interested. For older teenagers there is often part time work available (where I live you have to technically be at least 16 for this) in super-markets, shops and restaurants. To find out about openings you should enquire in various places and specifically look out for 'help wanted' or 'part time work available' signs.
  • is there a McDonald's in town, apply for work there.
  • My friend the best way you can make money is to study your butt off, now is the time for preparation, more learning in the next few years, more security/money in the future. With knowledge comes power. Learn math, physics, science, computer, biology, chemistry get a master's in each one. This of course is if you have some sort of guardian/family support.
  • sell your homework to others
  • work, like every other teenager in the world .. *sigh* .. unless ofcourse, the super rich ones. if you're legal to work then walk around town and look for help wanted signs/look in the newspaper, if not then babysit, dog walk, mow lawns, .. have a bake sale?
  • prep work cutting vegetables in an independent restaurant (they usually treat you better than at a chain) pizza maker-again try an independent sweep porches and sidewalks snow shoveling at leaf-raking depending on season picking crops or detassling corn if you're in farm country grow some vegetables an sell them if you have a backyard
  • Delivering pizza or selling newspaper subcriptions.
  • Seve tables. I make tons of money doing that
  • For a supereasy job, try filling out online surveys. You can make at least $5 per survey. The only problem is finding a good, trusted website to fill them out on.
  • Get a J O B. Lots of places hire teenagers. Here is one tip....after you fill out an application, call the place the next day and ask for the manager. Ask if he or she has received your application and thank them for their time. This will make it more likely that they will remember you when they sift through hundreds of applications. This worked for me a couple of times. *Don't expect anything to be given to you in life unless you earn it*
  • start a new raunchy web cam

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