• Neither, I download them. Every TV in my house is hooked up to a computer, I don't even have a DVD player and I much prefer digital files.
  • I've never copied a movie. I either watch a rental one or else if I like it enough, I will buy it, usually from eBay or used from It's not much money and I get a really good copy, especially for widescreen.
  • I don't copy movies. If it's a new release I'll rent it first and if it's a keeper, I'll buy it. Classic movies I'll buy straight out.
  • I either rent or buy the movie, I don't copy.
  • If there is a movie we would like to keep we buy it. Otherwise, we're Netflix people or blockbuster every once in a while.
  • I rent movies and watch them... then if I like them I will buy them for myself.
  • I don't think it's really right to copy a movie that you rented. I rarely buy movies. I don't find the use in watching a movie like 5 times. There are tons of good one out anyway. Why waste my time watching the same one. Maybe 2 times, but that's not really worth buying it unless it's like a documentary or something like that with animals and such (planet earth, march of the penguins)
  • Rent Netflix 3 at a time unlimited by post. (more selections than NF streaming)

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