• China = $350 billion "That’s leaves a little over $4 trillion in public hands. The biggest chunk (about 25 percent of the $8.5 trillion total) is held by foreign governments. Japan tops the list (with $644 billion), followed by China ($350 billion), United Kingdom ($239 billion) and oil exporting countries ($100 billion)." Source:
  • Our debt is so high because other countries aren't paying their fare share 2 fight the war on terrorist. They are getting the benifit of the proctection. The U.S borrowing trils. from China but we have 2 pay it back.It's not making much sense 2 me. Let's protect ourselves. Just imagine. We put into a world defence policy that all Countries who want to protect ourselves then we must come together and end this stupidity for once and for all.
  • Way too much...
  • $23.50
  • About three-fitty.

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