• you can simplify and evaluate this, and its so easy, just ask you math teacher
  • Drink lots of beer, everything becomes clear
  • 16x oh no, it's too hard.
  • Three useless answers so far. Why do they bother? There are only three rules you need to answer this question. one) (a^b * x)^c is the same as a^(b*c) * x^c two) (a^b) * (a^c) is the same as a^(b+c) three) X /(a^b * Y) is the same as (X * a^-b) / Y Use the third example to get rid of the divisions. Use the first example to get rid of the final square. Use the second example to combine the powers. At the end you will have something like this: 4^i x^j y^k z^m
  • how would I convert this to a scientific notation. 0.000098

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