• oil painting ceramics crocheting plastick canvase needle work
  • I suppose I would call myself artistic, and so I say what I "do" is photography. It's actually what I plan on majoring in college, as well as being 2/3rd's of my school schedule this year. (Working on portfolio for Corcoran, woo!) I don't have one specific type of photography in mind, because it has such a broad range of possibilities-- there are nearly no limits to what you can do with it because it is such a versatile form of art. I have taken up an interest in art photography and photojournalism, though. When I go to college for to pursue it, I plan to get out and work with musicians for promo/tour shots, as well as being freelance until I get something definite in my schedule. (I've been looking into being a Life photographer, my dream... :P) The best thing is that anyone can appreciate it. You don't need to be well-read to appreciate a good thought-provoking photo, anyone can look at it and take different things from it as wel as get the general idea that was being put out there. I also enjoy writing poems, and I thought for a long time about doing that as a career, but I can't really rely on my poems as a career because the best ones come naturally. I couldn't force myself to write a poem on a deadline. Sometimes I can write a few in a couple of days, other times it will be months. Drawing is something that I really enjoy, as well, but it takes me too long to perfect something and I can neve quite get what I had in mind on a sheet of paper.
  • Play the violin Paint
  • I play the piano, drums and use the walls of my home as a huge canvas to paint my nightmares if I cant get them out of my head..then I paint over them until the next time :)

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