• it's all baout the timeing you have to push against it in a circle. idk how to explain it in words but you have to wiggle against where it is in contact with you
  • Hey I've been hooping for a bit now... Basically when you get comfortble with hooping @ the waist you have to main contact points in the front and back. If you tilt your pelvis out a tinge then the hoop will naturaraly drop down a little. Lighten the pushes and start doing smaller little cirle instead of front back front back. It may help to spin in the direction that your hoop is going as well to get it started. Hope that helps.... Good luck
  • yes, you move your hips side to side but don't go to slow and if it starts to fall just go faster
  • You have to move your hips around and around to get it going then get faster and faster. Hula hooping is excellent excercise.
  • Hope this helps...

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