• Collating from various different sites and papers, I have counted: 2 from Belgium and Gibralter from before "Neanderthals" were identified as not being H. sapiens 7 from the Neanderthal "type site" in Germany 2 from Grotto of Spy d'Orneau in Belgium between 24 - 36 individuals from Croatia (remains are fragmentary) 1 near-complete skeleton from La-Chapelle-aux-Saints in France 1 from Saint-Cesaire in France 1 from Arcy-sur-Cure, France 6 from the Moula-Guercy cave, above the modern Rhone River, France 9 from the Shanidar cave in Iraq *at least* 13 from sites at Tabun, Qafzeh, and Skhul near Mount Carmel, Israel ...there were more paper references turned up in my search, but I did not track them all down. While exact numbers don't seem to be available from this, simple summing of the ones above yield a minimum number of 66 individuals. I remember seeing somewhere that we actually have remains of almost 200 Neanderthal individuals, but I cannot substantiate that at the moment.

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