• Of those, Coastal Nothing. It's more of a short and sweet thing.
  • I like Choppy an the Space Cadets...I don't know why, but since we're talking about a band name, I don't think that matters.
  • Uh...I don't think either one of them is very good.
  • What about just "Space Cadets?" Music needs to be "spacey" though. What's gay about the word cadet?
  • These names sound like they either belong on a box of cheap candy or an invisible bar of soap. Your band name has to have recognition appeal. a name that people will remember. People remember a name that has no more one or two names, like Pink Floyd, the Beatles, Elvis Presley. If i gave you suggestions and you used one of them, i would have to charge you money. so. i will not. Point here is to use your brain and think of a classy, snazzy, clever name that will burn in brains of all music lovers.

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