• A cell divides so as to maintain a favourable Surface area to volume ratio. A cell receives food and oxygen and turns out waste materials through it's membrane. A cell membrane of specific area can serve the contents of a particular volume only.Increase in the volume increases the requirements of the cell and this increases the need for greater membrane area. Now,the Surface area of a sphere increase as the square of the radius and the volume of a sphere increases as the cube of the radius or to say, in simpler words,the volume of the cell increase more rapidly then the area of its membrane. Hence, as a cell grows,it's membrane in due course of time becomes insufficient to move the required amount of substances in and out. The cell by dividing has a more favourable surface area to volume ratio. Thus, the cell divide so as to maintain it's size such that all it's requirements of nutrition,respiration and excretion are met.
  • In eukaryotes (humans/complex organizms), our body cells divide to repair existing, damaged cells, or to make our body grow. This process is called mitosis, and the nucleus of the cell divides. Our sex cells divide to produce more sperm/egg cells in a process known as meiosis. In simple organizms, prokaryotes (single celled bacteria), they must divide for asexual reproduction. They're only single-celled, so division is the only way to make more of them. This process in bacteria is called binary fission (rather than cell division).
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  • cells divide for growth, repair, or replacment of tissues. they also divide for reproduction
  • Mitosis, how else?
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