• I went a very long time ago. Too many repeat stores....
  • Yes, It's huge. I really like the Underwater Adventures aquarium that is under the mall.
  • I thought it was awesome. But I'm a huge Snoopy fan and they had lots of stores with Snoopy.
  • I've been to the Mall Of America a few times. My mum lives in Minnesota, I am living in Massachusetts, so I always end up going there when I visit. It's a big mall, except for the theatres, aquarium, amusement park, and all of the awesome resteraunts. Yeah I think it great for a mall/tourist attraction.
  • I went to the Minnesota 2 weeks ago and drove over the bridge to get to mall of america 2 weeks before from the day and time of the bridge collapsing.Was A a really cool place but scary thinking i was on that thing thinkin to myself how bad it would of suck to fall in that water..Weird.
  • under-whelmed
  • Judging by everyones answers you're not talking about the Mall of the Americas in Miami. Because if you were, everyone would be answering how it needs to be comletely knocked down and rebuilt. Its ugly, old, and way too small to get any real shopping done.
  • Its a great place when you live here to go walk around when its flippin freezing out. Grab a capp. and walk and people watch!
  • Yes and it is fairly impressive, for a mall. The best part for me was taking my two nieces to Camp Snoopy indoor amusement park. That is the smoothest and quietest roller coaster I ever rode.
  • I worked there in the Fanny Farmer candy shop when I lived in Minneapolis, while I was attending college for Visual Communications. I was there for about 10 months, and then I moved to the other end of the Twin Cities, so I decided it wasn't really worth driving 25 miles to work there, and found something different. We would go there on weekends often just for fun, though.
  • It's a mall, for pete's sake.
  • I live a few miles away and i go like once a month and i think it is veary big but it is also GREAT because you can get whatever you need. MY friend and i have jobs there and you can make some major $$$$.
  • I go to the mall quite often, being I live in Minneapolis. Its a great place.
  • i went there in 2000 it was so cool at first but after a while its too much, several of the same chain stores. when i went it had a car dealership there. it was fun to go to just because of the national recognition.
  • I live in Minnesota and I go there often. I really like it because any shop that I want is all in one place.
  • Second biggest mall I've been to. Too large for me. I met a baseball hall-of-famer there.
  • I really liked it,one of the funnest places to get lost.although it's not the cheapest place to shop,but it's not crazy expensive either,i almost went to a MN wild game when i was there too,but didn't end up getting tickets.Fun place overall
  • It is expansive. I love how you can get lost in there. I literally did when I was 5 that sucked.
  • Imagine any mall you've been to. And it's four stories tall filled with every annoying jerk of a person who cannot balance a checkbook and only need to do so when they're in the checkout line in front of you. Edmonton Mall is much more enjoyable.
  • Its big and amazing. It even has a amusment park in it with a log chute. If you go have a lot of money with you. I think its like 4 floors high.
  • It was so vast and great, probably the greatest business landmark in Minnesotan architecture and engineering established within my lifetime. The attractions were so memorable, such as the rides, products, and displays.
  • i havent been there but i wan to go- what else is there to do around that part of the coutry?
  • well it sounds great- i wanna go there- but in the warm weather obviously. how much stuff is there to do in the surrounding area? thanks by the way for the info
  • I live in Minneapolis, MN and I call the place "Crime Central" they have to have curfews to keep the teen punks and gangs from taking over the place...I do not shop there at all...not since they eliminated CAMP SNOOPY!!!
  • I think that the amusement park that is inside is cool, but most of the stuff in the stores is over priced.
  • I have been several times, I find malls to be a bit repulsive. They are usually pretty big and overly crowded. This one goes well beyond that, it's giant and has probably a million visitors a day. I didn't feel amused or impressed in any way, it was just a really large place with a ton of pointless shops selling garbage.

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