• That sounds correct. I assume you mean they have never had a license. Not just driving without one. edit========= After doing some research, it appears that the person who does not have a license will most definitely be ticketed for driving without one. However, if the accident was the other persons fault, they will be charged thusly. It's then up to the courts to decide.
  • Just because the other person doesn't have a license doesn't mean they are automatically at fault. They will have problems receiving any money from the insurance company because they would be considered partial fault or just ticketed for driving without a license. The person who still made the wrong move still needs to be held accountable for their actions.
  • No, if the licensed drive was at fault they are still at fault whether the other driver was licensed or not..the other driver will be cited for driving without a license which leaves the insured driver an opening to sue them in civil court to recover damages beyond those allocated in the criminal case..aka restitution. :)
  • No. they are two separate offenses. driving an auto without a license, is one offense and a citation or arrest made. the person that caused the accident, is a complete separate offense.
  • Laws vary world wide. Here in North America, a person without a driver's permit is automatically at fault, since they had no legal right to be driving. Even if they are driving well, just being there without a permit means their illegal act of driving without a permit is what was causing the other person to cause the crash, and therefore they are the cause of the crash.
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      Wrong. Driving without a license does not make you at fault in a crash.
  • I'd say that the person at fault should be ticketed as such - and the person without a license should be ticketed for that. Just because the person who has the licence is at fault doesn't mean thay're not at fault just because it happened to somebody without a license.
  • No I can't go with that logic at all.
  • This happend to me tonight,it SUCKS,hopefully they will drop the whole "AT FAULT" thing and just let each side take care of their own damages.That seems fair,RIGHT?
  • The not-at-fault party can be drunk, driving an unregistered car, no drivers lic, in the country illegally, etc....and the collision can still be the other guy's fault. Nothing is automatic. Were you rear-ended or did someone back up into you or was there a third or fourth car responsible?
  • If the other person was liscense your screwed. In most states you are automatically at fault. and your going to be charge for driving without a liscence on top of that.
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  • Absolutely wrong. Having or not having a driver's license does not automatically make you at fault in a crash.
  • probably since they shouldnt be driving without a license

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