• 1: Humour 2: Intelligence 3: "Nerdness" 4: Him being friendly and polite (towards most people) 5: A special thing, that makes him unigue.
  • Intelligence, Great sense of humour, Honesty Kindheartedness Generosity of Spirit.
  • Well a few things. At first it's basically how they present themselves, if they look neat and tidy. But once I begin to talk with them I look for certain things such as intelligence and humour as those are important to me. I also like someone who is genuine and honest, has future goals and is a hard worker. Those all stand out to me as someone who I could be with or at least make a friendship with. Looks don't matter to me, just have to be clean hah.
  • I would like a guy who was honest, financially secure, had a good heart, sense of humour, and a great listener.
  • I'd like a girl to be honest, funny, have some kind of a brain (no bimbos) and to be pretty. And when I say pretty I basically mean not REALLY ugly. I'm not looking for a supermodel-I prefer curvy women anyway-and I also cannot really judge people's appearance as it is. I'd be interested to here what girls want in a guy because girls have often told me I'm a great person but they are not attracted to me. I am slightly overweight (about 12/13 stone) but have started going to the gym-but does that really matter?
  • Firstly and most importantly whether its a girl or a :o)
  • breathing is very important to me.
  • A guy who is really nice and gives you a jacket when your cold, and NOT stupid around his mates
  • Maturity, open mindedness, intelligience (and I don't necessarily mean book smarts), sense of humour (not an obnoxious immature one but I'm not picky, as long as they don't take themselves/others/the world too seriously), somewhat adventurous, honesty...the usual lol. And to be honest, I have to attracted to the person.
  • i personally look for someone who can understand my sense of humour. Theres got to be some sort of connection. They've got to be a nice person all round. They should treat me right. I love being cared for even though i'm stuborn. I want someone that doesn't want to change me or what i believe or what i feel is right. If they want me they've got to want and live with all of me. they've got to like going out and doing things, but also sitting in and watching movies on the tv. they've got to not moan at me when i spend that few quid too much. it'd be nice for a change if they actually got on with my friends. I'd love nothing more than being able to share my boyfriend with my friends. oh and getting chocolates and flowers occationally for no reasonm, never goed a miss either :o)
  • I look for someone who lives every moment as if is their last but have enough sense to save for the future. Someone who knows how to listen. Not someone who is saying all the right things just to get into your pants. Someone who will help and not say "you owe me" just as I would.
  • kidneys, liver, intestines, . . .oh, sorry. I looked for someone to compliment and balance my personality. (And I found her)
  • Trust and honesty,oh, and cutness <3
  • I think after my failed marriage and a couple of subsequent relationships, I knew more about what I *didn't* want. I didn't want a woman who: criticized me, didn't respect me, couldn't have a civil disagreement, lied about me, constantly treated me like I was her dad, couldn't let go of the past, always had to be the victim, refused to adapt to new situations, thought everyone else was wrong despite evidence to the contrary, made excuses for everything, took responsibility for nothing, got angry at me for doing things she does herself, didn't know how to support me, etc. I have since found my ideal woman. I'm not saying we don't disagree, but we both understand not every disagreement has to become a fight. If it's just a matter of opinion, we can just leave it alone. I think that's key to a great relationship.
    • Archie Bunker
      You know my ex-wife?
  • A guy who opens himself up to you.
  • Honesty, Humor, Confidence, Strength, and Love.
  • I need a man that is just as kind hearted as I am. Someone who needs a loving touch as much as I do. Someone who is ALWAYS honest even if it isn't something you want to hear. Someone Who can be funny and serious! And I also need a man that Is attractive to me!
  • 1.) One that always looks @ Me and smiles. 2.) Someone That I can trust 100% 3.) One that will @ least invite you everywhere even if he knows you can't go. 4.) Someone who asks for my opinion. 5.) & MOSTLY one that can take a joke and not take things so serious.
  • intelligence, kind personality, hotness
  • I look for a good figure, and at least a spark in her eyes. However, I am a sucker for a shy girl that giggles.
  • Character and intelligence in a woman is sexy.
  • I'm not currently looking. But if I were thrust back onto the dating scene, here's what would impress me. Honesty -- particularly with herself, a life examined, caring about others as well as self, curiosity, a love of debate with the ability to admit being wrong when the occasion calls for it, caring about healthy living and the health of the environment. A zeal for life, including sex. Give me all that and her physical characteristics wouldn't be that important. But just to put icing on the cake, I love dark skinned ladies with an hourglass figure and bountiful backside. If she has pouting kiss -me lips, I am in her spell.
  • Compatibility
  • If you need to ask, you shouldn't be asking
    • Linda Joy
      That was rude! If you don't like the question or have anything to contribute you shouldn't be answering!
  • im a sucker for cute quiet smart girls
  • patience
  • Honesty Trust, The Usuall But Most Importantly Love, A Future And Myself.
  • Intelligence Reciprocated perfections and opposing flaws A good sense of humor A mind like mine Beauty inside and out Unfortunately, my science teacher has all of these things. I'd never met anyone like him ever.
  • 1. a good sense of humor 2. someone who is real with me 3. someone who is clean 4. i like a guy to be taller than me 5. a good kisser
  • 1. Attitude and confidence 2. Sense of humor! 3. Enjoys the outdoors 4. Clean and smells good 5. Likes to wrestle
  • Good sense of Humour. Honesty. Trusting. Dreamy Eyes. Cheeky Smile. ^^ my 5 for a guy :)
  • I'm a girl who's interested in guys. My top five would be: 1) Same religion as me 2) Is respectful towards other people, regardless of gender/race/etc. 3) Compassion 4) Intelligence 5) Is interested in me!
  • i havent been looking for one at all
  • Anyone who says they don't care about looks is full of shit.

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