• You can use a collar at the bottom of the plant like a can with the bottom cut out and spray the plant with one part vegetable oil, one part dish washing soap (preferably Dawn)and one part water. mix together and spray the plant down. It should discourage small pests. If it's birds you can use panty hose cut in rings and put around the tomatoes like little jackets and they will be disguised from the bird and still be able to grow and ripen.
  • Neem oil is a natural miticide derived from the nuts of the Neem tree, which is found in India. It is a mite repellent as well, so some gardeners use it as a prophylactic, spraying it on a weekly basis. I mix neem oil with Cinnamite to eliminate small infections. Cinnamite and neem oil are also used against powdery mildew.
  • Marigold plants inbetween the tomatoes. They keep nematodes away.
  • water in the early morning, not at night. Any insect prefers wet foliage verses dry and most molds and fungi start in the dark with moisture.
  • Are you looking for an all-natural way to deter them? If you don't mind using pesticides then a sprinkling of Sevin's Dust will keep hornworms and cutworms off. Some Malathion spray will keep Aphids and spider mites at bay. Spray late in the day so you don't kill the bees though. If you want to go the more organic route, you can try a tea spray. Boil one tea bag and a garlic clove together in about 2 cups of water. Mix with another 2 cups of water and a tablespoon of dish washing liquid. Put into a squirt bottle and spray your plants down. You can also wrap the bottom of the stem of your tomatoes with about a 2 inch piece of aluminum foil to deter many worms. They don't like to crawl over the foil.
  • There are a number of insecticidal soap products available to repel and prevent general pests from attacking your plants, and its made from non-toxic substances so its safe to use on your fruits,vegatables, and herbs. However always check the label for proper application techniques and concerns.

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