• WOW....why would u want to do that? Someone a little jealous?
  • Wedding Crashing 101 from Slip into the reception line It's a brazen move, but sometimes the best place to hide is right out in the open. That's why you can't fail if you position yourself right at the end of the reception line. Naturally, no one will know you, but that's par for the course as far as these events are concerned. Simply smile and offer a warm handshake as each bewildered guest says hello and pretends to remember you. Adding a hearty, "It's a great day, isn't it?" will ensure they'll play along. So long as you stick to the offensive, you can't fail. Pretend to be a long-lost relative Weddings are teeming with dozens of relations from all over the globe. From Aunt Gertrude from Glasgow to Great Uncle Terrence from Kalamazoo, the family tree is more than the happy couple -- or their parents -- can ever hope to keep track of. Depending on your desired level of theatricality, you could try putting on an accent and saying you're from "the old country" or -- if you're feeling extra bold -- try passing on best wishes from other long-lost (and equally elusive) relatives who weren't able to make the trip (just don't specify names). Important phrases to remember are "Sorry we haven't kept in touch," "It's been far too long" and "Second cousin thrice removed on your uncle's side." Bonus: To cement the deal, hold a beautifully gift-wrapped package in your hands. Can't afford a gift? No problem, just "borrow" one from the gift table -- it's not like you're going to take it home. Then again, you have always wanted a fondue set... Play the part of a staff member Every wedding has a ton of people floating around that no one knows -- they're called the hired help -- and in most cases they don't even know one another. Simply arrive at the venue early enough to pick up a tray and blend in with the caterers. Not only have you just secured yourself a free invite, but you've also secured a plate full of delicious cocktail weenies. Better yet, if you carry a clipboard and wear a tie, you can easily get past the front door by posing as the venue manager. If anyone asks for credentials, turn the tables and ask for their name, and hastily write it down on your clipboard, shaking your head as you do. Hey, if Keanu Reeves can act, then so can you. If you wish, you can even act like you're part of the entertainment. In addition to DJs, many weddings now also have additional performers like comedians, singers and bands. Say you're a friend of Bob's If you don't feel comfortable picking a "side," then you can always tell them you're a friend of Bob's. Who's Bob? Who knows, but chances are with 200 to 400 guests in attendance, there's bound to be a Bob, Robert or Bobert on the premises. If you're at an ethnic wedding, you might want to tell them you're a friend of Muhammad's or Viji's. Please note that telling them you're a "friend of Mary's" could have a decidedly different meaning. Tell them you're with the party next door Many wedding halls house several party rooms, so if someone confronts you, just tell 'em you're from the wedding party next door and must have wandered into the wrong hall, but that it seems like a great party and you might just stick around for a little while. extra crashing tips Dress the part The key to fitting in is blending in, so be careful not to go over the top. If everyone else is wearing a suit and tie, then your powder blue tuxedo is bound to stand out like the sore thumb it is. Play it safe and wear a classic black suit with a tie instead. Who knows, with a sharp ensemble like that, you might even score (which is likely the point). Show up fashionably late The easiest way to crash any wedding is to show up when the party's already kicking. By missing out on the melodrama of the dinner and speeches, you'll be arriving at a time when the lights are low, the alcohol is flowing and everyone's defenses are down. Simply emerge out of the washroom and subtly hit the dance floor or bar. Eliminate all doubt by dancing with an elder woman. Let's face it; any wedding crasher can boogie with a red-hot bridesmaid, but only a true member of the wedding party would consent to waltzing with a woman three times his age. Keep it simple Since you'll presumably have nothing in common with the other guests, it's important to keep your discourse painfully generic. Rather than divulging your actual identity, comment on the food, say how touched you were by the service or confess how weddings always make you cry. Key phrases to remember include, "It's so wonderful to see them together," "What a gorgeous hall/great music" and "Aren't they a beautiful couple?" Phrases you might want to avoid are, "I give them five years, how about you?" and "I'm a little surprised the bride's wearing white, if you know what I mean." Know which side you're playing for It's only a matter of time before someone questions your identity. If your interrogator is on the bride's side, then say you're an old college friend of the groom's. If the inquirer is on the groom's side, then tell him or her that you used to date the bride's best friend. Above all else, don't volunteer more information than you need to. If things get tense, excuse yourself to go to the bar or divert the question by commenting on the happy couple. something new, blue & free Still need a little more convincing? Check out Wedding Crashers to watch ingenious schemes like these put into play. As the film suggests, "Life's a party." Now go out there and crash it!
  • I think im gona try this wedding crashing tonight ! by the way wedding crashers arent jealous, just cheap and horny ! oooo yea free drinks,food and sex if you play it good
  • july 4th red barn hampshire, amherst ma
  • get fucked up and make a toast!
  • Garth says it REALLY WELL!!! HA HA HA! +5
  • show up late, drunk and loud! ;D
  • You DON'T!!
  • Rent the movie Wedding Crashers.
  • you dont

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