• I have a friend who uses Airborne religously when he goes somewhere where he is going to be around lots of people or be working closely with people. He's gotten one cold since it came out.
  • Airbourne seems to work
  • I love airborn! It's like a vita-shot in the but for a cold. It wont stop a cold you have, but take it when you know one is going to come and it helps a lot.
  • I drank Airbourne all last winter. It does seem to help a good deal in getting rid of a cold before it even starts. (I mean at the first signs of a cold.)
  • There have been many controlled studies showing that Vitamin C supplements do not prevent colds. Vitamin C does not cure colds or lessen their length or severity. Anecdotes are not scientific data.
  • I use Emergen-C on a regular basis, and I don't care what science says....The stuff works. I've never felt so good. Plus the rush of B vitamins give you a little energy boost, not to mention cool dreams. Even if it didn't work for colds (which I swear it does), it can't hurt to have the extra vitamins in there.
  • No, I've never tried either but after reading some of the responses I'm determined to try one.
  • If I catch it early enough and it's just a cold, Airborne works for me. Emergen-C does make me feel better but I don't know if it's actually made me healthier or less sick.
  • I know someone that works there is nothing 99% sugar plus vitamin c does not work! To boost your E-MU system nothing but bogus claim AND its not even afd approved
  • My wife and I have tried it. I didn't think Airborne made any difference for me. My wife is using Airborne as I write this and says it works for her.
  • airborne works for me
  • If you want to say that their are plenty of controlled studies saying that Vitamin C does not help to reduce colds or stop them from starting I'd it like if you'd post a name or web site that people could go to to confirm that. I don't believe that the Vitamin C from airborne or emergen-C can help make colds less severe once they've started. However I believe that when taken at the first sign of sickness they help you get over a cold much faster, and when taken in the middle of a sickness will generally make your illness last less time even if it doesn’t help you to feel better while going through it. (this is through general friend/family experience) Mother grandmothers and parents have learned over time that when your child has an orange, orange juice, soup or other items with Vitamin C that their children will get over sicknesses faster.(talk to most mom's or child care takers and you'll find this is generally true) P.S. knowing somebody that works at a factory does not entitle you to state how effective something is. It doesn’t matter how much mass the sugar takes up in an item, I'm guessing you don't know how concentrated or what amounts of vitamin C relative to what is in your normal food is actually in Emergen-C.

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