• The Paparazzis don't care about ruining celebrities' lives. They just want to get paid to hound celebrities. The amount of money they get paid can vary depending on several factors such as, the demand for the photos, the subject of the photos, the exclusivity of the images and the outlets that purchase the photos.
  • It's their job & how they earn their paycheck. The more aggressive they are, the more money they make. After a while, it becomes a game of cat & mouse for them that they feel they have to win. Many paps are way too aggressive. On the other side, many celebrities use them to get the info out they feel they need to obtain their objective. If you kept up with the Depp/Heard divorce, Amber used the pap to get her video out to the public in order to make Johnny look bad in advance of the court proceedings. In setting up the scene, the paps seemingly attacked Amber trying to get information from her. Then later, she gave the info to the pap of her choice. In many cases, the pap do go way past their required service. On the other hand, they are also used to provide a needed service that can get them a HUGE paycheck!!! Abuse is often a 2-way street. Celebrities have a saying that the ONLY bad press is NO press at all!!!

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