• I like being on my own, I like my own space, where I'm only answerable to me. A lot of that is due to my health, because I do like people, I'd rather hear another's story and spend time with them, than watch the TV. I did use to change to suit the expectations of others, I wanted to be liked and accepted, I believe it's called the "false self" everyone has it, and there are occasions where it is called upon to suit the other person, as in work related scenarios, but at other times, the problem with this, is the dishonesty with yourself, it can be damaging to reject the true you. As I've said before we never cease to learn, through time, experience and self examination. Only through self observation can you see your own conduct, and change it.
    • Shadow Of The Mind
      That is true and I agree with you. I also like to be my own person rather than be someone who I am not. The same as you, I like my own space. It’s good to hear what others say which is different to having your own space. Everyone is entitled to their personal space and to be their own person. The false self is the same as denial in a way and that is never good for the mental health. It’s better to be true to oneself.
    • Creamcrackered
      I should imagine having your own space in places like India would be far more difficult, although often they are encouraged to think as a collective, rather than an individual, that's why Asian families are so successful in shops, and care homes, because the whole family and friend network not only works together, but also trust eachother.
    • Shadow Of The Mind

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