• I don’t like hickory dickory Irish music, opera music and westerns such as Garth Brooks. Those genres are so awful that I would feel better if they are gone altogether
  • There are examples of great quality and awful quality music in pretty much all genres. But the genre itself - pop music. Not because I dislike the music it represents, but because I dislike the idea of describing the music by a common thread that it is popular. If someone writes a pop song and it ends up not being a hit, then does it automatically become another genre? No, otherwise popsongs would constantly be switching genres once people forget about them and rediscover them. The actual big idea tying the music together is that it is created with as little artistic freedom as possible, like how "vanilla" ice cream isn't made to taste like vanilla, but just made to be as bland as possible.
  • Rap music Dec 01 2023

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