• The piano. I am a Grade 4 pianist. It is an early intermediate level.
  • If you want to really know, check me out. That's me playing all of the instruments, singing, doing all of the production, etc. A lot of it is done on microtonal instruments, but there's a seasonal classical guitar EP there as well with me playing traditional nylon-string guitar and melodion (a sort of wind-powered keyboard, like a cross between an accordion and a harmonica). What sort of things does your drum teacher have you doing? Are you playing songs, rudiments, funky primer, ...? I think these are all important, but sitting down and playing whatever you enjoy playing is the most import, by far. By making it enjoyable, you are motivating yourself to keep working (work doesn't feel like work, but still reaps the benefits), and it builds confidence faster than stuff like running through rudiments that never sound very good until you have mastered them beyond a reasonable level anyway.

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