• Frankenstein would win. He is irresponsible and ruthless whereas, Herman Munster is too much of a nice guy to fight. In other words, he's a big teddy bear.
    • DancesWithWolves
      Thanks Jenny, for your comment :)
  • Herman was a bit of a coward. As for Frankenstein, I don't know how much of a fighter the Doctor was, his monster however would beat Herman, unless Herman ran away first.
  • Frankenstein was the doctor not the monster he made from parts of people. herman munster would beat Dr Frankenstein.
  • In the show, The Munsters, Herman, played by legendary actor Fred Gwynne, was exceptionally large and strong, but also very timid- often afraid of his own shadow. Therefore, I suppose it would depend on the context of the conflict. Maybe if Dr. Frankenstein was posing a threat to Eddie or Lily, I could see him becoming violent. But, more likely, if Herman accidentally harmed Dr. Frankenstein due to his own clumsiness, I could see that spelling defeat for the doctor.
  • Herman Munster would beat Frankenstein hands down. Frankenstein was an idiot. 😈😎😓

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