• 9/4/2023, there are users who tend to overlook helpful advice and key points when links are provided. I've had to tell some users to go to the link I have added for further information. They're like: "I didn't see it." So with hyperlinks, they are an essential part of the internet and are often used to provide (quick and easy access) to related information. Images on the other hand will make posts look more appealing. Why are these features not added is because we can only use this site "As is." Any upgrades will come when the Answerbag team feels it is time to add them.
  • the site is more likely to close than allow links and pictures. Thats what happens when you can't program and dont trust anyone so refuse to get help. As they cant leave the site unattended and wont let anyone help them they can't allow links or images as spammers will post pages and pages of spam.

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