• The size of a phone does not necessarily mean it’s better than other phones. When it comes to mobile phones, it’s the high standard of the software that matters and how well the phone functions.
  • For quite a few years, the paradigm in cellular phone desirability was the inverse of this - smaller was better. And people of that time predicted that phones by 2023 would be the size of a hearing aid.
  • I don't think so. The only real advantage a larger phone has is a bigger screen to read from. Other than that, there isn't much advantage. IMHO. 7/14/23
  • I agree with dalcocono. Screen size is the advantage to a bigger phone, but I have small hands, so the smaller one fits my hands better. I had a mini tablet, but that was too big.
    • dalcocono
      Size matters!
  • Always buy things that I need and that have all the functions I need. Size and visual doesn`t matter to me.

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