• I don't like spiritual/religious music at all so any other type of music is ok with me.
    • Linda Joy
      what is your favorite?
  • Unless you have Yashua in your heart you might not get much out of Christian music. If you listen to it for a while it might start making a difference in your life. Most country music today is hardly worth listening to as it is foul in its message. Walk with the Lord God (Yahweh) and you will be blessed.
    • Linda Joy
      I do feel blessed by the music and reminded of how God has always been there for me.
  • Try it. If you don't like it, you can always switch it to another station or switch it off entirely. I listen to music from all sorts of religions, and, so far, none of it has converted me, but I still enjoy hearing it.
    • Linda Joy
      Music doesn't convert people. It invites The Spirit. I used to like southern rock but after joining The Church I was a little sad the lyrics weren't really compatible with a "Christian" life. But there are lots of other good music as well!
  • I know some people who listen to spiritual music and they are dishonest and can be mean. Awareness is the only way to know yourself, music doesn't change that. Atheists can still appreciate spiritual music without becoming theist. Plenty of Atheists like Ave Maria without believing in God.
    • Linda Joy
      I like your perspective and I agree with most of your ideas. I think it does help me think of God more often in my day.
  • IDT music will change your personality.
  • Try it and see.
  • Listen to what you like.
  • you'll die of boardem keep playing country music . spiritual music is only good for keeping kids out of carparks.

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