• (Note: I bought an iPhone SOLELY to test web sites that I design, so I'm not any sort of hard-core iPhone fan.) Answering the question: Wow. $300 isn't cheap! I spent $200 on my brand-new iPhone last year. That being said: I've also spent $40 on an Android phone that served me perfectly well (very nearly as well as the $200 iPhone). *** Apple has some iPhone- and Apple- specific apps and features that CAN make it advantageous to the owner IF the owner desires those features. For example: if you want an Apple Watch (with all of its nifty features), you need an iPhone. Yes, you can get a Samsung watch to pair with an Android phone...but the utility and features are not the same. What if you have an Apple computer? Then you may very well prefer an iPhone for the simpler connectivity. What if your friends mostly have iPhones and you like to do video calls? Then you'll prefer an iPhone for that particular function. etc. etc.
  • most tradie apps seam to be Iphone only. I have an ipad to fill out the service app of one mob I do a little bit of work for.

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