• a bit harsh for being late . I remeber staying after school picking up rubbish as punishment for misbehaving many times I was a regular at detention one year , late 3 times in one term too harsh half my class was late 3 times a week. You sing the Im working for free useless freeloaders too hard to pick your own rubbish.
    • Marc Zigon
      Does seem a bit like public humiliation.
    • 11stevo73
      in most cases we deserved it fighting each other mouthing off at teachers one kid was often stealing things. then your on the detetion list you must be a trouble maker . The why was late excuse list you need to work on. My favorite was the train got a flat tyre .
  • "What purpose does this punishment serve to the student" - by punishing the student for being late, the student is more likely to make an effort to avoid being late. -- "and is this fair" - as long as all students must abide by the same rule, then of course it is fair.
  • It seems like it would encourage future punctuality to me. 9/19 /22
    • 11stevo73
      What about when the reason ole mate is late is beyond his control? Why I had no time for my school teacher how was it my fault the one train every hour and a half was 20 minuates late?
    • dalcocono
      The penalty was not activated until the 3rd time. If the train is late that often then one should probably take an earlier train. Penalties are often applied in the workplace for tardiness too.
    • 11stevo73
      people need to be realistic I know of the 15 minuates docked for 10 seconds late , every company Ive seen do that is now extinct I wonder why the workers stole everything that wasn't nailed down.
    • dalcocono
      Maybe so, but there are still PLENTY of places that will penalize employees for habitual tardiness. Rightly so too, IMHO. Constantly being late shows a disrespect for the other staff members.
    • Linda Joy
      I agree with dalcocono. Evidently the punishment in stevo's school wasn't harsh enough or he would have been on time more often. My neighbor can't hold a job because he keeps getting fired for tardiness.
  • I agree with the second and third answer. All you have to do is follow the rules and be on time.
  • The punishment is applicable to all so it's not unfair. Secondly, school is about priming you for work, you'd lose your job if you turned up late. If you find the punishment humiliating then that's good, it will put you off of turning up late. When I was young we had the cane, and teachers would throw boots, board rubbers etc at our heads, and we were also made to stand in corners facing the walls. I'm sure it was even worse for the generation below me. So what it does is teach discipline, discipline to make it to school on time, where your education will determine what job you have, and so what life you will lead.

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