• Since 2022 isn't over yet, we don't know about 2022. But this will give you a very good idea: [[ ]]
  • Berkshire Hathaway or Blackrock we are in the age of rich companys owning everything and all of us. We the people are only allowed to pay bills it seams. A big thanks to all scumbag politicians of the last 50 years for selling all the peoples assets to these people. Time the people revolted and ridded the world of the WEF and the rest of the ellete scum that think they own the world. Lots of old people stood there sucking dick thinking the world is all good while this happened. Grandpa don't think the young owe you anything they want the country back you gave it away you shamelessly took 7 times what you put into your superanuation out who do you think is really paying for that your grand children. Fuck you all .
  • WalMart.
  • I'd think since its the most diverse and therefore most likely makes the most sales. reLThe richest business 2022.

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