• It's called "discipline" - apparently, they don't get it at home and consequently, are very lacking in respect. Unfortunately, this seems to be the farthest the school is legally able to go without being accused of racism or whatever other bullshit accusation that persecutes right and rewards wrong.
  • So you remember not to play up next time. there was Lots of beatings when I went to school.
    • Army Veteran
      Yeah - we were introduced to a different version of "the board of education".
  • Presumably it's supposed to embarrass and discomfort the individual. It's an extremely weak form of punishment, akin to making a young child "sit in the corner".
    • Marc Zigon
      Thank you for your answer, just want to know, what makes this form of discipline embarrassing on the students?
  • Detention and stay after school or sit on the Dean's Bench

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