• According to the (relatively) recent CIA report, it's a natural disease, but the OUTBREAK was almost certainly the result of human accident. *** "No virus had mutated so fast or lasted as long"...balderdash. See: the common cold. See: influenza. etc.
  • For big corporations its the most profitable product in history. Record profits .
  • Ever hear of "gain of function"? COVID was the product of gain of function research conducted by the Chinese (in a Chinese lab and not this "Ft Detrick" that "recent investigations" claim to have revealed). "Gain of function" means it could never happen in nature - and that it had to be manipulated specifically to produce the intended results. It was paid for by Anthony Fauci through the NIH and spread mostly by the media. It was a retaliation by the two groups who hated Trump the most - Chinese and Democrats. The timing of it came after Dems threw everything at Trump that they had with no success (you might call him the "Teflon Don" - 😆) to discredit him in the eyes of the world so that he wouldn't have a chance at re-election. And before you ask, yes, they would kill that many people. We're looking at a power-grab like nothing that has ever been tried before. Obama brought Communism to the political arena and he was supposed to pass the torch to Hillary (We hurdled one huge milestone by electing a black president - so they tried another one-of-a-kind move to seat a woman President. Not just ANY woman but one who was a Communist and believed that overthrowing America was best done by force as opposed to her mentor Saul Alinsky who believed it should be done subtly from within. Obama was doing it from within but Hillary was openly power-hungry and it cost her the election). When Trump won in 2016, plans were already in the works to impeach him before he even took the oath of office. After throwing a false Russian collusion at him, then accusations of "investigating an opposing Presidential candidate" with the "Ukraine call" that Adam Schiff perjured himself in his attempt to use as grounds for impeachment), the Dems were running out of options and time. COVID was their tool to quarantine everyone by November 3 so that the mail-in ballots would be used to commit election fraud. COVID was nowhere near "natural".
    • Beat Covid, Avoid Republicans
      1465, That's a pretty good story. Did you make it up yourself?
    • Army Veteran
      No, it's common knowledge. You might know of it if you didn't have your head up Biden's ass so deep that you can't see yesterday.
  • Three Chinese virologists who worked in the lab, came out and said it was being manipulated in the Wuhan lab, two haven't been heard of since. There are also historical interviews where Antony Fauci funded it, and his associate openly spoke about how easy the spikes on the Coronavirus were easy to manipulate. The first thing I did when this happened was go online to look at the scholarly articles on the wuhan labs, however they were withdrawn from the internet. But they'd covered coronvirus entering bat caves etc, there were no bats in the markets. Also, news has stated that it was funded by the US tax payer. We'd been primed for it, think of all the films which were regarding deadly viruses, loads, that's called pre-programming which came from the experiments first carried out in Nazi Germany, which became MKultra in america, same as all the sublimal films, cartoons, programmes, record album covers, that set us up to receive 911. But you know what they say about Truth? "It costs you your security."

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