• Don't buy it those are made so cheap, pile of crap get a Honda or Toyota. March 20 2022
    • 11stevo73
      You've never driven or worked on one have you?
    • Moving Violation
      Yes I am a mechanic i see them with rust real bad so much plastic breaks in 3 years don't get any car with a turbo March 29 2022
  • the turbo turbo diesel is as fast as my 1gr-fe hilux 0-140 k's they handle and brake better. have raced my friends 2010 santa fe many times on the open road. They hang together well our roads are pretty rough his has 200K on it hes spent very little on it. Another lady I know has 300k on her 2010 diesel santa fe its still going shes done nothing apart from follow the service book.
    • Moving Violation
      Yes diesels engines are made a lot better

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