• Absolutely NOT. I think for myself.
    • Hulk70166
      You do NOT think for yourself, you are a mirror of Fox News. Whatever they tell you to do, you do. You are as predictable as hamburger and ketchup. I don't even think you are a real person. I think you are some kind of bot.
  • The expression "Politically Correct" was a term used by USA Maoists in 1980 to attract attention. It lasted for about a month and then dropped. But Rush Limbaugh heard it and ran with it and we are still complaining about it. ABSOLUTELY NOBODY WANTS OR CLAIMS TO BE POLITICALLY CORRECT AND I have no idea why people are still in a dither about it It is no longer a relevant issue. Also, Rush is dead. lol
    • 1465
      Political Correctness is a cancer on society. It was because of PC that the historical monuments were destroyed by...(dare I say...) Liberals. It was PC that infused the concept into weak minds that having one's feelings hurt should be the basis for passing censorship laws. It was PC that galvanized the LGBTQ nuts as being "moral" while opposing them is one of any number of "phobias" that are looked down on in today's absurd society - the one that you thrive in.
  • I try to be gender neutral and sympathetic to others feelings.
  • I try to be.

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