• I think it's just the usual posturing from North Korea. Kim knows North Korea & his regime would not survive a war.
  • No. Same old political ploy that the U.S. and China are complicit with. It works like this: *** Kimmy decides he wants or needs international aid (hint: terrible harvest season in North Korea - NK - this year, starvation is rampant). Kimmy launches a "test missile", putting the fear of NK into Western allies. Usually, accompanied by aggressive rhetoric against Japan and/or South Korea (SK). Usually followed by one or more "test missiles" and more such rhetoric. *** The U.S. and China heads of state make noises about not allowing NK aggression to happen without a military response. *** NK, China and US get together for "peace discussion". *** China and US promise NK aid if NK stops making these aggressive acts and rhetoric. *** Kimmy declares to his people that the great NK military forced the capitulation of two major World powers and they are paying for peace. NK people are happy with their leader, and now not so many will die of starvation. *** China and US leaders declare that they have saved the World from NK aggression. China and US people are happy with their leaders *** Everyone wins...except the US and Chinese taxpayers...

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