• Mr. Clean. Makes my entire house smell nice after I mop.
    • Hulk70166
      Kevin, what is you avatar?
    • Moving Violation
      Excellent Feb.15.2022
  • Probably cleaning vinegar. Great for tile and linoleum-type floors. Doesn't need to be "rinsed" (it doesn't leave residue like bleach and some other cleaners do). Also used in (now-classic) homemade bathroom cleaner (50% cleaning vinegar, 50% dish soap, does a really good job on tile and porcelain).
    • Linda Joy
      Its good on wood floors as well.
    • Moving Violation
      Excellent Feb.15.2022
  • Dawn. Using it to take stain out of my clothes.
    • Moving Violation
      Any kind of window cleaner makes a great stain remover for clothes. I use aerosol Spray Way Glass cleaner great stuff 2 Dollars at China Mart (walmart) Nov.20.2021
  • 409 cleaner or cleaning strength clear vinegar 6% acid better than regular clear vinegar which is 5% Nov.18.2021
    • Linda Joy
      Don't you dilute it anyway?
    • Moving Violation
      Yes but isn't 6 better than 5 Nov.20.2021
    • Linda Joy
      Not if it eats a hole in your skin, takes the enamel off your teeth, or causes an ulcer!
      I've read online that cleaning vinegar is typically 20% or more in strength. So - wondering - where did you get the info that it is only 6%?
  • Dyson vacuum cleaner
    • Moving Violation
      Way over priced. Nov.20.2021
    • Shadow
      It depends where you buy it but the Dyson vacuum is an advanced vacuum cleaner and does an excellent job
  • Cheesecake.
    • Linda Joy
      What do you clean with cheesecake, other than your plate?
  • Any all purpose cleaner including the cheapo brands. For me they are prettuy much the same in quality. ie each product is good enough for their purpose of being a general cleaner.
  • Brillo
    • Linda Joy
      That's a great cleaner, but it will clean the paint right off a stove! It will also make a mess of non stick cookware. Do you use iron cookware?
  • 409 cleaner available at china mart(walmart) Feb.15.2022
  • I don't know, exactly, but whatever the downstairs maid uses in the guest bathroom off of the indoor pool.
  • i find exit mould cleans the shower better than shower power cleaning stuff etc ... i spray shower with it and leave it 30 mins or so then rinse off ..also at same time i turn rubber/plastic shower mats upside down and spray them too and they come up spotless... bath i use bam for the bath .. kitchen i like a cream in a bottle..good for saucpans .. nothing i use cleans the oven well for me except hard scrubbing lol and still not the greatest .not to worry, i can just shut the door to the oven haha..dont like to use toxic cleaners in it .. i also like the ajax powder for the sink and elbow grease ..also is good for bath/ and vanity basin with elbow grease . floors i use a mop with nothing that makes floor slipery!!

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