• Why do Liberals use the word "lies" so freely in their accusations against Trump and anyone associated with him? It's like their use of the word "racist" for everything. Everything they don't agree with is either "lies" or "racist". You people exalt the mainstream media as "accurate", yet, they've earned monikers like "New York Slimes" and "Communist News Network", and "Washington Compost" to name just a few. You love the COVID pandemic and the mandates being enforced by a President who doesn't even have the intelligence to find his way out of a bathroom without sniffing himself in the mirror. "Compliance" is an aphrodisiac that affects you the same way a bell affects Pavlov's dog. Does the real world scare you that much?
  • Sounds like TRUMP'S BIG LIE. Failed with dozens upon dozens of courts and judges, including the ALL of the Supremes, yes even the ones he appointed! LOL! WHY? NO EVIDENCE....EVER. Just false accusations. Why do I say FALSE ACCUSATIONS and LIES? Because even RUDY GIULIANI has admitted now, under oath in court, that their accusations had no factual basis, they knew that they had No Evidence, and they kept perpetuating the lie anyway. What else has happened recently to show it's nothing but a lie? Let me see, what is it called again? Oh yeah, I remember now: MARICOPA! MARICOPA! All Trump can seem to do is make phone calls to state officials to try and persuade them to overturn the vote with no proof - like he's done with Georgia and other states... I guess he thinks that his Orange-ness, his fat waistline, his halitosis, his combover, his pervasive whore-buying, his history of sexual assaults, and his overt White Supremacy will be enough to impress people to do his bidding.

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