• It was not a US President. My friend's father wrote that line for Maxwell House. He also wrote MMM, MMM Good for Campbells Soup.
    • OrangeDonRump
      Even Maxwell House claims it was President Roosevelt. Go to Florida and tour their facility. In part of the tour, they talk about it. Why do you lie so much on this site, Murzy?
    • OrangeDonRump
      "My friend's father wrote that line for Maxwell House." Let's do some math here. Maxwell House started using that slogan right around 1910. If your friend's father wrote that (LOL) -- OK. So, let's assume he worked there and wrote the slogan when he was a young advertiser for them, say 30 years old. So, then he was born in 1880. Let's say he and his wife gave birth to your friend" later in life, let's say when he was 40. So, 1920. This "friend" of yours -- s/he's 101 years old? Hang out with a lot of centenarians, do ya? LMFAO!! What a fraud... By the way, Robert Swanson wrote the MM MM GOOD jingle for Campbells, and he was born in 1921 - about a decade AFTER Maxwell House started using "good to the last drop" - so, he couldn't have written them both! LOL!!! You should STOP LYING HERE, Murzy, it's all too easy to research and verify!
  • That is a Maxwell House commercial but the presidential campaign eludes me.
  • I immediately thought of Teddy Roosevelt, but his coining of that phrase is not documented, just as Groucho Marx denied making the "I love my cigar" quip on his radio show. As Yogi Berra put it "I Really Didn't Say Everything I Said!"
  • Supposedly Teddy Roosevelt, in 1907 and about Maxwell House, but I don't know that the claim is true.

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