• Trump.
  • Excluding the current president, I think the frontrunners are clear: James Buchanan, whose poor leadership led to the divisive political climate that led to the American Civil War; Andrew Johnson, who spent more time fighting with congress and trying to blame other people for his failures; Franklin Pierce, whose poor foreign policies and criticism of Lincoln eclipsed his few accomplishments; Herbert Hoover, who oversaw the economic collapse that wrought the Great Depression, because he didn't believe his advisor's economic science; Chester Arthur, whose strict immigration policy ended up hurting the nation's economy and social authority; or Nixon, who held poor moral authority and whose presidency was full of scandals and who ultimately resigned facing a looming impeachment trial. I don't want to say Trump, because I feel like it'd be unfair to rank the current president, but I'll be darned if he doesn't embody most of the worst traits of all of the other candidates combined, so well that it's impossible to ignore. I mean, he is the only president to be impeached twice. Keep in mind that no president ever has been successfully removed from office by impeachment.

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