• Stop crying you don't have money and go do something.,
    • Archie Bunker
      Go out and live your life. If people are afraid of getting Covid, let them stay home.
  • Stay home, stay healthy.
  • Volunteer. You can volunteer at your local church, another church, Children's Hospital, St. Jude's, the Red Cross, local homeless shelters, Traveler's Aid, Need-a-Ride, Meals on Wheels, YMCA, YWCA, or a pet shelter walking dogs for that matter! Help your neighbors. When you go to the store call and ask if they need for you to pick something up for them, or ask if they want to ride along. Just be sure to practice social distancing.
  • Stay home.😎
  • Pray for people who are sick
  • One can help by wearing a mask every time one goes out. Social distance too and staying home as much as possible. IOW Do your best not to spread the CV .
  • This is a site that puts volunteers in touch with active projects in their local areas. And some can be done from home.

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