• Socialist programming? Its not like you're not paying for it one way or another anyway. My favorite fluff word is 'more' especially at the end of a list of the things at this event or in this package 'and more' it just makes me want to jump up and down!! Its like well... I wasn't going to go until they said MORE! I just love MORE!
    • bostjan64
      "But wait- ... -there's more! Don't wait to call now!" I feel like they're giving mixed signals. Wait. Don't wait. Do I call now and buy one shamwow or wait until the end of the commercial and get six of them for the same price? Are they going to throw in a tin of catfood? You never know. I'd be too afraid to call too late and then they end up just moving their entire factory into my house as a "free gift." LOL
    • Linda Joy
      That reminds me of the cartoon where some idiot was walking between the blinks on the DON'T WALK sign.

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