• I tended to travel to and from Europe on flights quite a lot. Not all flights were business class. Could get sat next to some weird kids and parents now and then
  • While flying to Israel, my wife told me that when we get back, she is divorcing me. You can imagine how the rest of the vacation went.😓
    • Linda Joy
      Oh no! Did she? How long had you been married?
    • Beat Covid, Avoid Republicans
      That is just cruel. I wouldn't mind divorcing her after that. She went out of her way to be mean. How'd you like to be married to her?
  • I spent six hours in a plane with a baby crying. I hated it. What is worse, a woman sitting next to me had no sympathy. She said "think of the mother."
    • Linda Joy
      No sympathy for you, but sympathy for the mother. You should always take ear plugs, ear buds and/ or noise cancelling headphones.
  • I used to be a "professional tourist", driving to many states and into Canada. I've had a few co-drivers who have been less-than-ideal. I think the worse was the one who waited until we were just short of the Canadian border on our way to Edmonton, Alberta before mentioning that he'd been in prison. When we got to the border and they asked for IDs, he told Canadian authorities that he "left it home on his dresser". This started a chain of events that ended up being searched with dogs and seeing the vehicle we were driving torn to shreds in search of contraband. I had to take him 30 miles back into Montana where he spent a few days lounging in a motel while I completed the run. I had to pick him up on the way back, and he helped drive the rest of the way - although I was hoping that he would get pulled over for speeding in Iowa - no such luck.
  • Once we were in the air, my wife told me she wanted a divorce.

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