• So much so I've thought of painting a window on my kitchen wall, which is without windows :( . Its really hot down here so you gotta get those outdoor days in before it gets too hot. I was invited to the backyard cookout Saturday. I brought potato salad. We didn't get shade back there till 6 or 7pm. But we did have a nice breeze. And the pool is open 9-9 this year so that's good for evenings, but its also nice to be able to get out there before it gets too hot and 9 is pushing it. The sun is hottest between 10 and 2 and I can't stay out in it long. Pollen and pollution are other reasons some people stay in. Others have to work indoors. And for some its difficult to get out. I can't stand for long and Ron can't even make it to the back yard, so I fixed him a plate. What options do you have in your area for outdoor activities?
  • It never was a favorite pass-time of mine, too damn hot in my neck of the woods. Nevertheless, I do spend a lot of time outside every day.
  • kind of

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