• Potassium. Eat more bananas.
    • Linda Joy
      Probably. But there's too much sugar in bananas, too many carbs in potatoes, sweet potatoes, and beans for a diabetic, so I guess I'll be eating more spinach and broccoli. Its getting to be the season for salads and smoothies anyway, right? Still bananas, beans, and potatoes are a LOT cheaper!
  • You should discuss this with your primary care physician. Muscle cramps can be a symptom of many things: overexertion, potassium deficiency, arteriosclerosis, stenosis, dehydration, diabetes, or liver disease, to name just a few. A short discussion and a blood test should be able to help your physician rule out most of those. // Personally, I get a lot of muscle cramps because I have kidney damage from being beaten when I was a teenager. If I went on WebMD and looked up my symptoms, I would likely have led myself to believe that I had something else wrong, and self treatment might have made my condition worse. For example, if I eat too much protein, which is broken down by the liver into ammonia, my kidneys could shut down entirely. That's why it's best to consult with a professional.
    • Linda Joy
      I have. They get tired of listening and start dismissing. Its probably potassium. I've been eating less potatoes and beans since my diabetes diagnosis, but my A1C was 6 last time so I'm not even technically diabetic anymore. I'm sorry to hear about your kidneys. Are they both damaged? Have they considered replacing them? Do you get dialysis? Anyway I will be praying for you. And thank you for the information. Not just for me but for others that may see it.
    • bostjan the adequate 🥉
      Hmm. You said you get unexplained cramps, and your primary care physician dismissed it?! Maybe you need a new PCP? Diabetes can be a complicated disease. My kidneys are both damaged, but they have some good days and some bad. Thank you for the prayers and well wishes!
  • sornetirnes and no i havent tried it

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