• I don,t it copes with me
    • Jaid
      Actually I don,t get angry, but I do get mad..but mostly I just get scared. Angry is mad with a face.
  • Mine is, too, it's scary sometimes. I've never really talked about it before. Maybe that's a start.
  • I bottle it up till I get home then vent. I eaither, write a journal entry, use Dad's punching bag, meditate to music or go for a walk. All are effective.
  • I usually sleep. It's my "therapy" for everything.
    • jadedsoul
      I do too. helps alot. I think I might be sleeping through life at this point lol
  • There is medication for that. But I suggest therapy, and prayer if you believe in it. It helps to find the source of your anger. Anger comes from hurt, fear, and frustration. It also helps to know that YOU are the only one who can control your emotions. There is no button on you someone can push to make you angry. It is your choice. And you can choose not to be angry. It helps me to try and fix the problem, if I can. And since you can't control the choices of others you need to learn to control the choices you make concerning your own emotions and reactions. You may need to avoid certain places or topics if you tend to get angry often when exposed to them. Think of what you can do to limit your anger. Make a list of what situations you choose to get angry over and see if there is a connection. You also may want to examine the possibility that you actually enjoy being angry and feel powerful when you exhibit anger. Its actually the opposite. Uncontrolled anger shows you are not powerful enough to even control your own self. Personally I usually just vent and get over it. If I get extremely angry I think of all the ways I could get even and then I don't do it because that's not the person I want to be and I won't let anyone else manipulate me into being a bad person. I only do those things when I choose to. And sometimes I regret it. But when I choose not to I seldom regret that.
  • A mild temper can defuse tension.
  • Learn to walk away from things that make you angry and learn about your emotions better.

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