• I use Trip Advisor and Google Maps, and searching for local transport apps.
  • dont have one
  • I use Google flights. Scott cheap travel, and expedia, and group.
  • I don't have one....yet. I'm confident, though, that in the next few years someone will create an app that spits out joints on demand. xD
  • Let`s begin with booking and Google maps. For every one landmark, just google it for info.
  • Google maps/street images is the best prep so I can familiarize myself with places and not walk right past them.
  • Google Maps Bookings/AirBnB Other apps will be downloaded based on the area. If you are visiting China, Yelp is no use at all. They got their review apps.
  • Google Maps. It is the world's favorite app to travel the world, but savvy drivers prefer to use Waze for its crowd-sourced insights. With Waze: speed traps, road closures, accidents and other items will dynamically show on the map as you're driving. The app is more about real-time driving.
  • I think Airbnb, Trip advisor or are are good travel apps. But if you are planning to travel in Australia or NZ, Trevolin is a great option you can try.

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