• Yeah, but I hate adrenaline rushes. They make me feel more scared than courageous.
  • i try to be
  • Stop, you are scaring me.
    • Linda Joy
  • I wish.😐
  • Yes, I feel courageous when I spend the money that is earned by me buying the desired things including a Xiami phone, RC drift cars and fashion shoes.
  • It depends on how you want to define it and in what context. I've done two combat tours but I'm scared shitless of spiders.
  • "Courageous: not deterred by danger or pain; brave" I'm definitely deterred by danger and pain! But I don't let it stop me. Others describe me as brave. Once I was told by someone that they "perceived I had a valiant spirit" I've been compared to Joan of Arc and Zena, but that's not me! I don't look for fights, but if you bring one my way I'm not likely to back down or cower. So I guess I'd say I'm not brave, but I'm no coward either! Oh, haha and now I'm reminded of the time I looked a man 6'5" and 250 in the eye and told him I don't care if you kill me I refuse to be scared of you anymore! Still not claiming brave - that was more stupid than brave!

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