• No I do not. But an Aunt did tell me once: "you don't have to eat all of that." What a concept. I looked at her plate, she and her daughter had eaten about half of their food. I thought, "what a waste, " then I looked at how thin and trim they were and that day changed my thinking forever. Now I'm " I know i don't have to eat this but it is so good, i think I will.
  • No, its too expensive. I grew up poor. Add to that the fact that I managed a restaurant and I only got my bonus (which grew to 1% of sales) if my food costs were kept low. I was also a single parent on minimum wage most of the time trying to feed a family. I know a lot of ways to make food last! I also know how to make food look like something else the second day so no one knows they're eating leftovers. haha

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