• Neurological pain and pain from back surgery.
  • Have you tried mint tea before bed? What about a nettie pot? Do you have allergies? I was prescribed flunisolide (Flonase) for stuffiness. For me it burns bad when I use it but works great! Keeps me clear for 12-24 hrs. But I have to be able to breathe through my nose to use my breathing machine at night. For me its joint pain usually my shoulder and hip on the right side. And thirst. I have to keep water on the night table.
    • Cinders717
      Yes I have tried everything. I have been taking allergy shots for years and have severe inhalent allergies. I use decongestant tabs, flonase, xyzal, nettie pot and saline. I resort to Afrin occasionally but don't want hooked on it;(
  • Usually a dream, even a good dream. I seldom have bad dreams. For some reason though, dreams almost always wake me up.
  • nny neighbors, one that was always conning in at 4ann and nnaking a lot of noise just got kicked out, i had the best nights sleep in nnonths last night

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