• Fantastic! Thank you for asking. It's bloody hot out there and I am getting a little tired of heat warnings, but I won't let it dampen my spirits. How are you feeling today Linda?
    • Linda Joy
      My phone quit today. Fortunately I had internet installed about a week ago so I have my laptop. Its been a mild summer here so far. We usually have a week when the highs don't drop below 95! Not this year. I don't remember it being that hot at all much less a full week of it! I used to look forward to red flag days when I was in boot camp in Orlando! It meant we didn't have to exercise outside! I cant breathe this air anymore! I thank God for air conditioning!
    • Anonymous
      wow! Linda, you no longer do Answerbag on a phone, good for you.
  • Really, really good. My better half knows just how to make me laugh and feel better. He can be so funny. : )
    • Linda Joy
      A good sense of humor is important! My son and his father are funny! But sometimes it can get you into trouble!
  • Rushed.
    • Anonymous
      & you?
    • Linda Joy
      did you over schedule or procrastinate? Or did someone else drop something on you? Im good! Other than my phone quit. Yesterday was emotionally rough, but that's over now so I'm good! Are you a parent just getting your kids back in school? Is that why you're rushed?
    • Linda Joy
      Feeling fat? Are you bloated? Is it gluten? I felt really full after eating it again. For me its usually water. My body overreacts to sodium. If I can taste it in the food at all it will make me retain water. My hands, feet, legs and ankles will swell. Or is it the summer fashions that offer the equivalent of a couple of bandaids and a hankerchief that have you feeling fat?
  • I'm not really sure.
    • Linda Joy
      I guess sometimes that's a good thing!
  • like always I feel with my finger tips.
  • Worse than yesterday because of all the terror we have in this country.
  • So nice.

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